Atomic’s FAQ’s

How do I register for classes?
Come in to the studio about 10 minutes before the class and sign up at the front desk. There is an annual $20.00 registration fee for the studio that must be paid to dance at Atomic.

How long is a class card good for?
Up to 8 weeks.

Can I watch a class for free?
Yes. We would love for you to come and view one of our classes. But I guarantee that you will wish you were dancing instead.

Do I have to pay a registration fee if I am only going to do a walk-in for the first time?
Yes. Everyone who comes to take a class must pay the registration fee.

What are the ages for all your dance programs?
Kidz/ 6yrs old to 12, Teenz/ 12 yrs old to 16, & Adults/ 17 yrs old and up.

Can teens take the adult classes?
No, we take pride in the fact that we have classes specifically for adults. We have edited music that we use in the kidz/teenz programs and we prefer that we keep them seperate.

Can adults take the kidz/teenz classes?
No, just like the adult classes-we take pride in the fact that we have classes
specifically for Kidz. They are designed to promote positivity & confidence. Would
parents come to there 3rd Grade Science Class?

What is “Street Jazz”?
It is a fusion of jazz techinique and hip hop put together to form a unique style of dance.

If I miss a class will I be lost the next time I come to class?
No. We teach something different every class and teach a new routine. Unlike
traditinal studios that start a routine at the beginning of a session and keep going till
they finish. We teach by exposing our dancers to as many moves as possible. This
way you experience dance instead of just doing routines.

Do you have recitals?
No. But we do have a performance team that we have yearly auditions for.

Do you teach privates?
Yes. We can do privates to meet anyone’s needs for dance. Whether it’s just to learn how to move, choreography, etc.
Our prices are:
$60 hr - regular private
(3 privates paid in advance - $150)
$75 hr - choreography private

If I lose my class card, can I get it replaced for the classes that were remaining on it?
No, we are sorry. But once your card is purchased, you are responsible for it.

Do you digitally mix music for competition, drill teams, fitness performances, etc.?
Sure do. Just let us know what you need in your music or what song(s) and we can help you. The cost is $75 per hr of work on each song.

Where can I park?
We have two parking lots in front of our building. If you are unable to park there you are free to park on the side street “Crestland” or in the north EZ Pawn parking lot.
There is no parking in the used appliance warehouse next door. Cars are towed if
they are not customers.

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