The Kidz & Teenz Program is for ages 6 - 16 and below you will see a schedule of all our class times and you have your choice from Hip-Hop, Street Jazz, and Breakdancing. I encourage all of you to try everything; you never know what you can do until you take a chance at it. Trust me!!!!! Kidz & Teenz will dance to all the latest music that you hear on the radio (edited of course…) and more. Classes start with a warm up, then combinations across the floor, and we learn fun and funky routines at the end of class that we can perform for the parents and friends. Just a few more things you need to know. There are some rules that are enforced with our program so here goes:

Kids and Teens Tuition Rates and Regulations:

$20 Registration fee

Dance class rules

1. Dance attire. You can ONLY wear urban dance clothing to class. ABSOLUTELY No jeans, overhauls, everyday shorts, etc. are allowed.

2. Shoes. Any type of tennis shoe or dance shoe may be worn as long as you can dance in them. No boots.

3. Hair must be pulled back out of your face. You can wear any kind of baseball hat, bandana, visor, etc. I have no problem with those in class.

4. Parents will not be allowed in the classroom while teaching is going on unless 1) It is your first time in class, 2) At the end of class when we show you what we've learned that day, or 3) It is Parent Observation Day (which is the first week of the month).

5. Dance educate. When you come in to class you are ready to learn and respect the instructor teaching you.

6. Have the time of your life!!!

If you have any questions, PLEASE feel free to call me or email me at lesgardance@austin.rr.com.

See ya soon - Leslie!!! KIDZ COORDINATOR

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