The mission of the Atomic Dance Factory is to awaken and magnify the urge that we all share to dance, through promoting, teaching, and performing Urban Dance to the fullest.

Welcome to Ground Zero of the Urban Dance Movement. The Atomic Dance Factory offers a variety of M-TV style dance and fitness classes. It all started with 2 dudes, a dance floor, and a dream. A dream to bring the Urban Dance energy of cities like L.A, Miami, and New York to Austin.

We strive to take Urban Dance and Fitness to the limit with classes that have no boundaries. While most of our classes are unique, energetic, and extraordinary, we also stress that each person, adult, teen, or child gets the attention needed to excel.

Unlike many studios who enroll participants in contracts or monthly payments. The Atomic Dance Factory only wants you to pay for only what you get. Every class is different so the loyal members and the new comer can get their fill of radio active Urban Dance. Thank you for joining us, and
Dance Without Prejudice.

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